Costs of Playing Golf

Golf has always been labeled as the sport of the rich and famous. It could be due to its country club history and it being merchandise-heavy, hence making it earn a name of a sport that’s also a costly pastime.

Data indicates that it’s not cheap to play the sport; in fact, TaylorMade Golf clubs and those of other manufacturers can cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars each. Is it really the case for all of the time? Or can golf be played by someone with a lower budget?

Let’s do the math and see the reality behind the costs of playing golf according to how serious you are with the game.

“I have some free time. Let’s play!”

You’re a golfer who’d get together with friends in a game of golf every now and then. It’s not really practice – it would make the game something serious, which defeats the purpose since you’re there to have fun.

How much will be your expenses for a golf season?

•$60 for four dozen balls

•$110 for five rounds of a 9-hole game

•$315 for seven rounds of an 18-hole game

•$120 for 19th hole expenses

•$100 for everything else: ball markers, tees, shoes, gloves etc.

Total amount: $705… and that’s just an estimate.

“I have to keep on playing to improve my craft!”

You played golf and caught the bug. No matter how much you love the sport though, it doesn’t love you back—at least not yet. You lack the needed skills but you make up for it by having determination as hard as steel.

Twice a month, you visit practice ranges. During the season, you play twice a month: half of the rounds are 9 holes, and half 18. You go for public courses (They’re cheaper.) and you’re walking (Yeah, you need the exercise.).

golfIf you’re on your first year, you have to shell out around $50 to $250 to get a decent set of starter clubs, probably TaylorMade Golf clubs if good quality is what you’re looking for. It’s your choice whether to get them at a yard sale or retail store. Borrow clubs from another player, if you can. Some may tell you it’s better to have your own clubs, but what’s more important is if you’re sure or not to play this game.

•$120 for maybe four group lessons

•$25 for a subscription to a golf magazine

•$30 for two golf books

•$90 for six dozen golf balls

•$15 for the small buckets of balls used for practice

•$154 for seven rounds of a 9 hole game

•$360 for eight rounds of an 18-hole game

•$200 for the 19th hole expenses (and maybe include a number of lost bets in between)

Total amount: $1,224… and you’re just in practice mode.

“Golf is my passion!”

You decide to emulate THE Tiger Woods and get scores lower than 90… or you die trying. At this point you’re sure you’re hooked on the sport and would want to go all the way if you can.

Upgrading your hardware will cost you about $500 to $2500… and a golf retailer should fix this. Upgraded bags will cost around $100 to $150. You’ll be playing weekends, as early as twilight to make the most out of your games. Walking is also a need. By now, you should be in good shape.

•$560 for eight individual lessons

•$120 for one day-long group clinic,

•$25 for a subscription to golf magazine

•$100 for five golf books

•$160 for eight dozen golf balls

•$250 for shoes, tees, markers, etc.,

•$250 for two new clubs (wedge, putter, etc.),

•$105 for 21 small buckets of balls

•$175 for seven 9-hole rounds

•$700 for 14 18-hole rounds

•$400 for a regional golf trip with pals,

•$300 for the 19th hole expenses

Total amount: $3,145… and you earn the title of being an avid golfer.

The fact that golf will always be a sport associated with professionals and wealthy business people – not to include the wealthy clientele who afford to join and pay for elite country clubs and all other expensive stuff its associated with – all contribute to the view of the most that golf is an expensive sport. Still, if it is really the sport that suits your lifestyle, then go ahead and indulge yourself. Get yourself some TaylorMade Golf clubs and other equipment. If you’re going to make golf a regular habit, you might as well get your essentials from a well-known and trusted brand like TaylorMade Golf.