Golf Balls Recycled

If you want to save up on gold equipment, take the risk — try the recycled golf balls from trusted brands. Many sports enthusiasts who like to play golf are skeptical in using recycled golf balls because of the fact that they have already been used before and they might not work as they did before, which means that the game outcome could be affected.

golf ballSome golfers claim that they value the quality of the product and would rather spend more than sacrifice durability. Yes, there is high quality in new golf balls, but being recycled does not actually equate to having lesser quality. If the balls are not new, it is not automatic that they would break much sooner.

The fact holds true particularly in established manufacturers where product performance is highly regarded. It is not only the new balls that undergo quality control, but also the recycled balls for customer satisfaction.

Besides, golfers tend to lose golf balls easily because of the ball trajectory. Sometimes the ball reaches a bunker, a tree, or just plainly gets missing due to the ball size. This is where recycled golf balls come into play, because it is generally easier for people to accept losing things when they know it did not cost them much.

Since the balls used in the game are practically disposable items in golf, people have to be cost-effective. When you buy used ones, you can be sure that you’d be saving some money. That way you’d be able to save up for more important equipment such as your clubs.

How golf balls are recycled

Recycled balls from established manufacturers are produced by a systematic process.

Old golf balls are first sorted and washed — here filtering happens in that only those that meet the quality standard are picked.

After this, most or all of the original coating is removed through a mechanical wet blasting process, and this also removes all the impurities. The balls are then clear coated to give these an almost-new finish

Lastly, these are inspected for consistency before packaging.
The best manufacturers strictly follow a similar process every single time — recycling is a rather delicate process, and the quality of the used balls depends on this. That is why system checks are necessary is always checked.

How Recycled Golf Balls Would Work

With regard to performance, there is not much difference between the new and recycled golf balls. Statistically, there is only insignificant loss in recycled balls — too insignificant perhaps that it makes the purchase that worthwhile. Surprisingly, there are times that there is no loss at all. Considering other factors such as the quality of the club, the manner of swinging and the field itself, the result of playing cannot be solely attributed to the balls. Nevertheless, for a fraction of the original price, recycled balls can function properly, if not better, than new balls.

Most web vendors who sell recycled balls have a very helpful search tool and a separate index. Anyone can search immediately for a product by looking them up in the toolbar. In some cases, there are no outright products that come into mind, and so the index is made available in these situations. In the list are a number of categories such as brands like Callaway, Pinnacle, Nike, Noodle, Top Flite and even Titleist. Also are price ranges, grade and rating. Surely, it is easier to find the suitable golf balls than anywhere else.

Truly, taking the risk can be very rewarding. In golf, it does not matter much that the balls are used, especially if you are only playing for fun, or to practice your swing.